Moved to Github Pages and Jekyll

I was using Project Nami and Azure SQL for my wordpress, but I decided against that as I don’t need all that mess, so I moved to Github Pages and Jekyll. I now have a static webpage, less management and, theoretically, people can submit PR’s to fix my stuff ;)


  1. Project Nami and Jekyll exporter do not play well together (at all), so I had to export all the data using wordpress export and import it to a fresh wordpress install (using docker-compose)
  2. Installed and used Jekyll exporter plugin (which didn’t exactly work, but it created temp files in /tmp, so I went into the container and tared them and downloaded over the http server)
  3. Followed this article
  4. Found lots of small bugs\inconsistencies and fixed them for several hours (and probably next several days; actually still fixing)
A really big issue, my blog used permalinks like this: "?p=xxxx" and Jekyll fails to use that. No ideas about how to fix this, so I worked around by searching\replacing "?p=" to "post". Kinda works. I hope google catches up at some point.</br> Maybe worth looking at [this]( later.

Meanwhile, if you found this in google and it redirects you to the main page instead of the post you are looking for just do a search for the post name on the main page with `Ctrl+F`.

update 26.06.2017:
Apparently Jekyll redirect cannot help with my trouble. So I’ve used sitemap.xml and google webmaster console to reindex the site, I don’t know if it hurts my SEO, but well, nothing I can do.
I’ve spent a last few days fighting css and fixing a logo\icon for meself. Its not that css is hard, I just rarely use that, so its a bit hard to get into it everytime I have to do it again ;)

So I guess I’m happier now. Best of luck folks.

Written on June 11, 2017